October 2106 Help Haiti…

Hi Everyone, 
I have received many emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls about donating to help the people in Haiti after the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. I have talked to my contact in Haiti and he is fine, however, the crops have been washed away or buried in mud, livestock have died, the roads impassible with mud and fallen trees and debris that has been strewn across the country. Aid is getting into the Haiti  but with so many people it is difficult to get to everyone.
People have asked me about sending mats to Haiti, and I have connected with Canadian Food for Children and right now containers are not going to that destination. I was told that as soon as they get word of a shipment to Haiti, they will let me know.
If I ship supplies to Haiti, my contact will not be able to pick anything up because he is far from the shipping docks and he does not have a vehicle. As well, the cost for shipping would be very high. From what I hear there is food in Haiti, but the price of it is very expensive.
My thoughts on helping are to donate money so they can buy food. We all want our money to be spent wisely and so I’ve done some investigating with reputable organizations. I have 3 places where you can look up what they stand for and how you can donate:
These are in no specific order:
1. Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire .. run by my friends Eric and Helen Pierre. Eric is the Consul General of Haiti and lives here in Toronto. They take 10% of donations for administration fees. They have someone in Haiti whom they have entrusted funds for building projects and he has always been trustworthy to do what they tell him to do with funds. If you donate to PEH, you will be tax receipted and the money will go to the contact in Haiti. He will buy as much food as he can, and then divide it between his community and the friend I have with his school and community. The 2 parties know each other.
To send a donation to PEH, send your cheque to:
Pierspective Entraide Humanitaire
902 Bathurst St. 
Toronto, On. 
M5R 3G3
(just so you know, their website is down right now as it is being rebuilt, but you can go to their Facebook page)
2. Samaritans Purse.. organization run by Franklin Graham.. son of Billy Graham. This organization helps people all over the world. Besides the shoe box gifts, which many of you have heard about, they help people in disaster affected areas. They take 9% for their administration fees. If you want to donate to them, make sure you make a statement that you want the funds to go to Haiti disaster relief effort.
To send a donation to Samaritans Purse, send your cheque to:
Samaritans Purse
20 Hopewell Way NE
Calgary, AB.
T3J 5H5
website info: samaritanspurse.ca
3. Extreme Response International.. (go thru the Canadian offices, not the US offices). Again, this is another charity, who helps people all over the world. Their help for Haiti goes to a mission in the north of Haiti called Lemuel. I have had contact with the people in the north and they were hit hard by the hurricane too. Extreme Response takes 10% for administration fees as well. Since Extreme Response helps people in many places around the world, all donations must have a note saying Hurricane Matthew disaster relief effort for Haiti on them.
Please make checks payable to Extreme Response Canada and mail them to:
Extreme Response Canada
P.O. Box 1013
Simcoe, ON N3Y 5B3
website information for Extreme Response: 
I leave this in your hands, please send any donations to an organization of your choice but the 3 I have listed I know about and know they are trustworthy. 
Thank you to so many who want a tangible way to help others,