Hello New Year!

Hi Everyone, 

Happy New Year, hope you are all well, it’s been quite a long time since I have seen many of you but thankfully with the internet we can still connect. 

Milk bag mat weaving has not stopped, but it has certainly slowed down. This means we are weaving at home, but our social groups have definitely come to a full stop. 

Pick up your bags day: Just about any day… I’m either home or at work. If I’m at work I can leave the bags out for you to pickup. Let me know if you are coming. I have 18 boxes of bags in my garage and I will pick up more from storage if I hear from a lot of you who want bags. 

Newsy news: 

We have donated  392 mats so far this month. Many have gone to the homeless in Hamilton, Guelph, Toronto and up north to the Migrant Farm Workers who did not go home for the winter due to covid. About 1/3 of the mats stayed here in Canada and the rest went overseas with Canadian Food For Children.

Does anyone reading this live near Dundalk, Ontario? Someone has over 100 hand-made masks they would like to donate. If you can pick them up, let me know and perhaps they can be passed out to people who cannot afford to buy their own. 

A little trivia… thanks to the internet, these newsletters go far and wide. Most of the recipients live in Ontario, but they also go to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, many places in the US, Haiti, Nicaragua, Australia, Germany, Georgia (the country, not the state), and the United Kingdom.

Many times people ask me if I ever hear from someone who received a mat and my answer is usually no, but I have a few photos of people who have received them and this is my evidence that our mats have gone to people who need them.

WELL.. something wonderful has come to me and I want to share it with you. Have you ever heard of Teen Challenge? Teen Challenge is a Christian organization that helps youth with drug and alcohol addictions. There are boys homes and girls homes across Canada. The boys and girls stay at the centre for a year or so where they finish their high school education and learn to live without the substances they were addicted to. Just north of Toronto there is a Teen Challenge home for girls and I have been there about 4 times to teach milk bag weaving, and to pick up and drop off mats and bags. The girls weave about once a week for their high school volunteer hours.  I received an email earlier this month from a young girl who now lives in the Teen Challenge home. I was so touched by her letter I thought I would share it… Read below:










Keep milk bags out of the landfill…Keep Weaving…Keep helping…

Keep Safe…