Heading to Sierra Leone & Tanzania

Here is a quick update ¬†on what has been happening with the mats. For the past 3 weeks every time we go to the depot to drop off mats we are told the shipment is going to Sierra Leone. The Ebola clinics and the patients are in dire need of supplies, so container after container of necessities are going there. Three weeks ago we sent 65 mats, then last Thursday I was there and my van was full of mats and I was told they were going to S. Leone. Someone else made a delivery today…again, going to Sierra LeoneLots of matsTanzania shipment .png

The word is that the ebola infected people are receiving the mats in the clinics. We are pretty sure that the mats are being destroyed after they are used, but really the point is they had something to lay on. I suppose we should be sad that the mats are being burned or buried, but when I stop and think about it if they don’t have mattresses the people have a little comfort while they are being treated.

We have also delivered over 75 mats to be used to protect desks that were sent to Tanzania by the Rotary Club in Alliston, Ontario. When the shipment arrives there will be over 75 new mattresses available for the needy.

It looks like will have been able to send away about 1,500 mats this year; exceeding by far the projected 800.

You are all amazing!