Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone,
I know I’m a bit late with the newsletter, but I’ve been trying to get a delivery of milk bags to my home from the storage at Canadian Food for Children. The delivery costs a lot of money ($400) for me so I’ve been trying to sort though the best way to get the bags delivered in the most cost efficient way. Thank you to everyone who has bought a handbag.. your money is used for expenses like this.
The girls from Scotland were a delight. I took them to many places to see the weaving of the milk bags, and also to Canadian Food for Children to see the delivery of the mats and to pick up more milk bags… so they saw the full circle. For those of you who met them, I’m sure you were happy and we all wish them well as they travel to their destinations around the world. Right now they are in Panama and in another week they will be going on to Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru and on to South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania .. all before Christmas. They spend a month at home with their families over the holidays and then go to Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Netherlands, and back to the UK. If you would like to follow their website and blog, go to PLASTIC:Unwrapped


PLASTIC:Unwrapped A partnership seeking solutions to plastic pollution. An intercontinental mission to showcase …

So far this year we have sent 9256 mats. I’m hoping we can get 10 000 by the end of 2019. I think we can do it.
 I have lots of boxes of milk bags now at my home as the delivery truck came this morning.  I will not have a specific day for bag pick up this month, but I would really like to get at least 70 boxes taken from me in the next week. I’m working a lot right now, and my hours are not regular, so please email me and I will leave what you want outside my garage.  If I’m home I will help  you get the boxes in your vehicle.
Thanks for all your work, it is truly a project that brings us all together.
Happy Thanksgiving,