January 2016 Happy New Year

From Angela Kestheley,

Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success in all your endeavours in 2016.

Our year has just begun and we are off to a good start as far as milk bag mats are concerned.

Around the end of November 2015 I had a visit with Dr. Simone, the man who created and runs Canadian Food for Children, the place where we send our mats. At that time, Dr. Simone told me he was on his way to Liberia, one of our counties where the mats go. He told me he would send me photos of his trip and so I want to share these with you. Have a look at the attached photos and you will see our mats, and some of the fabric I sent that came from the man who owned a fabric store in Toronto. Some of the other photos are of men with leprosy and of children who have the recessive gene for albinism. In the newsletter from Dr. Simone he states that he wants us to continue our work and to continue collecting clothes, food, soap, tools, rope plastic pails, school supplies, MILK BAG mats, seeds, candles and medical supplies.

Liberia is one of the 5 most poverty stricken countries in the world. Starvation is a way of life there, and then in 2014 Ebola hit and there were 4809 confirmed deaths. Sad way of life there for sure. A quote from Dr. Simone to me on his newsletter stated, “Dear Angela (and this means to all of us), I am just back from Africa. I saw your rolls of cloth and mats. The poor appreciate these so much. I saw the plastic bags (milk bags) at the warehouse. Always the missionaries want plastic bags to share the beans. God Bless you.”

Liberia 2015 1Liberia 2015 (1)

There are now  a few new countries receiving shipments.. Cameroon, Iraq, Malawi and Tanzania are now benefiting from our work.

Boxing Day Blowout… Tuesday, January 19th from 9 AM to 9 PM. I will have another “pick up your bags” day in Kleinburg, Ontario. All I need is for you to let us know how many cases of bags you would like and I will have them for you. You can contact info@milkbagsunlimited.ca or me.

Remember all boxes have 2400 milk bags of new, but seconds from Hood Packaging, the company that makes the bags. The boxes weigh about 50 pounds, but I am able to help get them into your vehicle in case you have difficulty lifting that weight. I only keep about 25 boxes here at my home, so I need your order of what you want by January 15th so I can have what you want here. Please let me know.

I still find it amazing that our mats are so precious; we are so blessed here in Canada to have so much. Just think a milk bag mat is like an expensive gift to someone in need.

Thank you for your help and if you find anyone who would like to join our group, please encourage them to get involved.