Happy New Year!

AngelaHappy New Year to all of you!!
I wanted to thank you for another great year. I was so excited when we reached our goal of 10 thousand mats for the year 2019, but that was a month ago, and now we have far exceeded our goal and have made and sent 10 826 mats. Incredible work, and so much joy on our part to volunteer to produce the mats, and thankfulness and comfort to those who receive them.
Two things:
1. Beatrice dairy in Brampton has 5.5 skids of milk bags that are missing a logo on them and they cannot use them to put their milk into. They have offered me the milk bags. If you live or work in the Highway 7 (Queen St.) and Airport Road area and would like to get some of the boxes of bags, please contact me and I will give you the man’s name who will give them to you.
2. Our next pick up your bags day from my house for January will be on Saturday, Jan. 11th. I thought I would change the pickup day to a Saturday so that people who work during the week can take advantage of the day to get their bags. If you want bags, please email me that you are coming so I can greet you and help  you load your vehicle with the boxes.
Once again.. Happy New Year and keep up your great work.
NEW ME cropA new decade is upon us. The need for sleeping mats is greater than ever.
The ever increasing disasters around the world , displacement, poverty, sickness all contribute to the requests for woven  mats. New weaving groups are in great demand.
Financial aid is also needed some by MILKBAGSunlimited but even more so by our major partner Canadian Food for Children.
 Canadian Food For Children is a registered charity with the Canadian government. Not only does it feed the the poorest of the poor in developing countries throughout the world, it provides them with many other necessities from learning materials for the children, medical  equipment for the disabled  to  furnishing for the bare homes. 
The filling  of the containers by volunteers goes on 5 days a week. Shipping them is an ever increasing challenge due to ever increasing  high costs. Dr. Simone , his family and his Team  of volunteers  need financial help to continue a mission that was started in 1981. Please donate!