Happy New Year

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year!!
Well the cold weather is upon us and maybe you are thinking you need to get some milk bags and weave mats. I received a shipment of bags in November, and we are back ready to start up the project again.
On Saturday, January 13, I am having a day to pick up your supplies. I have lots of boxes of bags and pillow cases for stuffing your scraps into. Please let me know how many boxes you would like. Also, if this Saturday does not work for you, tell me when it would be a good time for you and I will leave the boxes outside my garage for you to get if I am not home.
Also, there are hundreds of mats sitting in people’s basements from our Ottawa people. They have no way of getting their mats to Toronto to get them to either me or Canadian Food for Children. If anyone knows of someone who would be willing to bring a carload or truck load of mats from Ottawa, please let me know and I will match you up with people in Ottawa who would love to have the mats taken from them. We all know, the mats are not helping anyone if they are in a basement.. they need to get to the people in need.
Let me know about either the number of boxes you would like for weaving or if you have any ideas on how to get the mats here from our Ottawa groups,
Thanks so much,