Guelph…Organic Meadow milk bags

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well and enjoying the summer. I know I was remiss in writing my August news letter, but how about this one be for both August and September.


Things have been going really well with mats arriving from all over the place. We received many  mats from St Paul’s L’Amoreaux Senior Day Program,  the Senior Center on Coxwell, from St Catherines’, Sudbury, Ottawa….  We have made and sent almost 4600 mats since January. Last week I was at my church camp and had weaving going on with the children. The kids were amazing and we made 30 mats. On the last day of camp the mats were taken to CFFC and they were put directly into a container destined for El Salvador. The men packing the container were thrilled to get the mats and said they could have put in twice the amount, but were happy to hear these mats were made by children who understood the need.

Why is the subject of my newsletter entitled Guelph.. Organic Meadow milk bags?

I would like to know if any one wants bags. I’m hoping we can get all of them, but if you live in the Hamilton area, or in Oakville, or if  you are going out there to visit someone, would you be willing to go to the dairy and take what you want. If you think you could use 10 boxes for the winter, maybe you would like to go and get a load. I hate to see these boxes be thrown in the garbage. If anyone wants to go, email me and I will give you the address of the dairy and who to contact. This kind of situation happened in Ottawa a couple of years ago, and by the end of the week the weavers in that area picked up all the boxes.

Bread package Isolated over white background Hope we can pull together and do this,