Goodbye 2020

Hi Everyone,

I want to take this time to thank you and wish you the happiest of holidays. This year has had its challenges, and 2021 will start out the same, but with the work of people who are research scientists we may be seeing a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel with a vaccine. 

Our work with the milk bags has limited several people such as our students who volunteer in schools and church and community groups who cannot meet due to close social interaction. However, our “busy beavers” who work from home have excelled to the max and mats have been coming in for people who are less fortunate. The last of the mats for 2020 were sent this morning and we have donated  5700 . Amazing work!! 
A recap of the work since we started in 2008 and including this years tally: 
42,357 mats sent 

24, 650, 500 bags kept out of the landfills

Most of our mats have gone overseas, but I know for a fact that they are being used here in Canada. I have received emails from people in Moncton, N. B., Ottawa, Kitchener, St. Catherines, Oshawa and Toronto, who have donated mats to people who need them here. We have many individuals who live in various circumstances who need mats. If you happen to be making mats over the holidays, please bring them to me. I will be delivering whatever I have to a mission on Jan. 5 and they will  be distributed.

If anyone would like bags, I have many boxes in my garage. I’m usually home (aren’t we all), except when I go to work; email me and we will arrange a convenient time for you to get  your bags. I will plan my monthly “Pick up your Bags Day” for Wednesday,  January 13th. Please let me know if you are coming so I can have enough boxes of bags for you. If the weather makes for a driving disaster that day, I will have the list of who is coming and can email you to arrange for another pick up day. We will be in lockdown throughout January, but I always wear a mask and if you are still uncomfortable I understand and am willing to leave the boxes outside my garage for you to pick up without seeing me. Let me know your preference. I won’t be offended.

I read somewhere, that between November and January there are over 29 holidays that people celebrate.. so from me.. I wish you a Merry Christmas, but whatever holiday you celebrate, I wish you health, happiness and peace. 

I saw a cute quote on Facebook and I want to end my newsletter with this: If hugs were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard, 

Take care,