Giving Thanks….

Hi Everyone,
I have not fallen off the earth.. it’s been awhile since I’ve written, but the summer has gone by so fast I’m wondering where it went. Getting my children off to university, working with my husband, and running the milk bag project keeps me pretty busy.  We have now sent 5300 mats since January, so our count is over 17 thousand mats and over 10 million bags kept out of the landfill. People are in desperate need; the disasters have been intense and tragic. Last week,  I had enough clothing, toys, sheet, blankets, etc in my garage to send a full van load to someone who was able to get the supplies to the British Virgin Islands. As well this week, I started collecting again and someone took the items to send to Mexico.
October 17
I received a photo from El Salvador of 2 children holding a mat that came from our group. The boys are 10 and 6 years old, and their names are Walter and Anderson. In the letter I received from Dr. Simone, who sent me the photo, he said they are sending supplies to Mexico now. We will continue to send what we can as so many are in need.
My milk bag supply is almost used up. This is good, but also bad. I have 10 cases of milk bags if any one is interested in a few to keep them going.  We will continue collect more bags from people’s homes (home bags) as well as wait for the bags that are unusable to come from Hood Packaging. I really can’t have a pick up your bags day as I don’t have enough bags for everyone. The 10 boxes are available, so let’s use them up as we wait for more to come in. Email me and it’s first come first serve.
My trip to Nicaragua is later this month. My husband and I will divide our time between making the mats and handbags and working at the dental clinic.
Another team of ladies are on this trip with us and they are teaching the sewing. Your sewing supplies and pillowcases have been gratefully received. The children will be taken care of by other childcare workers and we have all the markers and colouring books and other school supplies packed into our suitcases. Thank you so much for all you have done to help the project move on and work so well.
I look forward to sharing photos and stories from Nicaragua.
Blessings to you all,