From Bettina-

As 2017 comes to an end, I would like to thank all of you who have contacted us by email through the year.

It helps us getting finished mats which are desperately needed around the world. It enables us to get contacts with schools, organisations and groups who let us know you cab drop off milk bags.

It helps us with finding wonderful volunteers who will accept finished mats and deliver them to the Mississauga warehouse or to Angela’s place in Kleinburg.

Special thanks go out to :

  • The volunteers who go out and coach other on how to make mats.
  • The volunteers who so kindly do the backbreaking work of driving mats to the warehouse
  • The Canadian Food for Children Warehouse‘s Dr Simone and son Christopher,  Sal Badali’s crew who keep making sure that the mats go where they are most needed
  • The Missions on various continents who distribute them
  • The dairies who are supplying us with unused bags
  • The employees of the City of Markham Milk Bag program who collect bags from many local groups.
  • The Cherish Integrated Services …. all the schools …. the corporations… the churches…the seniors… I could go on and on ….

This year we will have sent over 7,000 mats. Angela will soon give us the total. This is not counting all those who come from other contacts such as Danielle Duval-Conway’s Ottawa Group or Mission to Haiti; they just distributed 1,000 mats in Haiti.

I just want to share with you the latest pictures from Susan at Mission to Haiti:

Below is the home of a single mum and 10 kids, from 14 months to 14 years old. They sleep on the floor, inside/outside the house, although the 3 littlest sleep on their only bed.

The man taking the 3 mats to her is being led by the 3rd youngest child to the home. The 3 mats covered the whole floor of this tiny house. The kids don’t have to sleep in mud when it is wet, or dry dust – inhaling dust and the eggs of various parasites.


local life - Love Pierre home 64 sq ft
This is the home
local life - Love Pierre home outdoor 'kitchen'
The outdoor kitchen
local life - Love Pierre home beds
The bed
Bringin the mats
Bringing the mats

Such an awesome gift to these families.

Keep collecting… Keep weaving…Keep in touch… Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2018!