February news…

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well. I have been lax in sending out a newsletter for this month because even though I have news, I don’t have enough bags in my garage to offer up a “pick up your bags” date. I have put in a request to the milk bag manufacturer for more “rejected” bags so we can continue the work. Now more than ever, we need to encourage our school children, people in churches and other community places to save every bag they can.
I have been in Moncton, N. B. visiting family for the past week. I’m back now, and want to share the news I have since my last update. While in Moncton, I was at the home of the woman who runs the milk bag mat project in a retirement home, and in a couple of churches. She asked me to have a look in her garage, and guess what, it looks like my garage all filled with mats ready to be shipped to Ontario. This woman has contacts who work in the trucking business and when possible she has the mats loaded onto pallets and then sent to Toronto directly to Canadian Food for Children. She tells me the number of mats they have made and I add her number to our yearly list. One thing she did tell me is that some students from the local community college went on a volunteer trip to Haiti last November. Each student took a hockey bag with mats in it to give to the people who are in need.
Other news, is that we have a wonderful group of seniors who make mats. They live in a retirement residence at Bayview and Steeles. To date these wonderful hard workers have made 236 mats and 22 of them were delivered to CFFC this past Monday. One of their dedicated milk bag members passed away a while ago. He was so dedicated to the cause, he was tying loops to make weaving strands in his hospital bed. We will miss this man and his giving spirit towards the work.
If you have mats and would like to drop them off at my place, email me and let me know when you are coming. I cannot give you bags, but hopefully in the next month I will be able to supply you once again.
Happy Valentines Day,
Added News:
More and more schools , and other groups are joining the movement. As Angela wrote, we  now need bags ! After some confusion about the drop offs at the recycling locations in the town of Markham just received confirmation from the Waste & Environmental Management  Department that all 4 centres do accept the bags.  The depot attendants about of this to address  any misunderstandings. The location maps and opening times can be found on the “CONTACTS FOR YOU” .
We also would like to thank the Seagrave Church Milk Bag Mat Makers!  Tara and her husband have gone out of their way to deliver woven mats and bags, especially after they were refused in Markham!
 Thanks also to all of you who have contacted us for informations about our programs. We are doing our best to answer promptly and to provide the support that you need.
Enjoy the rest of this month!