Fall is approaching!

Hi Everyone, 
Hope you are well. The fall is fast approaching and the time for crafting is about to start. I am hopeful that you will consider taking up or continuing weaving the milk bags into mats. I know that many of our groups have either slowed down or stopped but I have received some very creative ways of making mats from people who have decided to continue weaving. The mats are in definite need both here and abroad, and now I am seeing desperate poverty and need everywhere. So far this year we have donated 4169 mats. 
People are willing to try to make the milk bag mats, and here are a few creative ways people have decided to work. I will share a few of these with you so you too and ponder how you want to continue working or to start up a group of interested people. Of course there is the independent weaving, but I thought I would give you a few quotes from emails I’ve received this month: 
From Ottawa, Sandra says, 
“Other measures are being taken to step up our production of Sleeping mats – I am instituting an assembly line / production of the milk bags to my weavers.
Collecting the bags by several of us; our cutter will cut and deliver to the ‘looper’ who in turn will drop the looped strands to the weaver.  We will store them until arrangements can be made to ship them.  This new way will replace our getting together in my basement each week until Covid 19 is gone. This should be fairly easy to manage as we all live near each other.”
From Ajax, Ria says, 
“We have started mat making again but on a very small
Scale.  The first time was last Monday and we set up 6 tables with one person per table and we started with only cutters. No coffee time and we came in And out from The back door.  We disinfected the tables and chair before and after use.  Next week it will be only 6 loopers, the week after that it will be the weavers. And then we hope to speed it up by using the gym 2 times a week also we still have people weaving at home.”
From Renfrew, Daphne says, 
“We plan to get back into the building second week of September, wearing masks and social distancing, but will miss our ’tea break’.”
On another note, we have two people who for various circumstances have frames to donate.  Let me know if you are interested in these frames and I will put you in touch with the donors. 
1. Woodbridge: one large 6 loop frame and one small 3 loop frame. 
2. Warden and Highway 7: one 6 loop frame. 
Pick up  your bags day will be Wednesday, September 16th. I will be here all day at my home for you to pick up bags or drop off  your mats. Please let me know if you plan to come here so I can expect you. If  you don’t know my address, write to me. 
You can also drop off mats and pick up boxes of bags at Canadian Food for Children; they are now open 5 mornings a week, Monday to Friday, from 8 AM until noon. Remember to let me know how many mats you donate to CFFC so I can put the number on my list. 
Have a great month,