Fall is almost here…

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are well. Summer is almost over and we are ramping up for a busy fall with the milk bag project. Unfortunately it will be a slow start for our schools as contracts have not been negotiated and extracurricular activities like making milk bag mats will slow down.
So far for 2019 we have made and sent away 8009 mats. Amazing number, don’t  you think?
A lot is happening, so I will list the items:
1. The next pick up your bags day will be Sept 17 at my place. Let me know if you need bags and if you are new to our group, email me and I will give you my address. We also have LOTS of bags at Canadian Food for Children and they are accessible for you to take what  you need. Remember, CFFC is only open Monday to Friday from 8 AM until noon. They are located at 1258 Lakeshore Rd. E. in Mississauga.
2. I have 2 very special young ladies from Scotland visiting me in September from the 17th to 28th. Sophie and Milly have been given a grant from the Scottish government to travel the world in the next year to investigate how people are creatively using plastic. They start their trip in Canada and move on to Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia and then home to Scotland next May. I will be taking them to various places to see people weaving mats. You can check them out at “Plastic Unwrapped” on both their website and on Facebook.
3. Ottawa people – Someone in your area has 35 boxes of bags and they would like to share them. If anyone needs bags in this area, let me know and I will put you in contact with the lady there.
4. Lastly, someone in our group received a first hand testimonial from a couple who actually gave out mats in Liberia.. here it is: I had the privilege of meeting a charming couple today at a public function.
Jennett and Darlene Rose are fond of going on missions to Africa through a local Pentecostal Church. 
We exchanged information about the milkbag project and their experiences in Africa. 
 They related that they were in Liberia as the Ebola outbreak started. They confirmed in an emphatic manner that the mats we make were vital to the residents and in fact they were handing them out during the outbreak. They said they were giving them out as soon as they were available as indeed the huts only have earthern floors. They ask that we consider making or sending what we refer to as facecloths. Residents are always looking for items to wipe their faces because of intense heat. Toothbrushes and facesoap are always in short supply.   They are grateful for our efforts
This is all wonderful information to encourage us as we weave the mats. We have a ton of bags, so if you know of anyone who would like to start a new weaving group, please encourage them to do so.
If you have read this newsletter to the end, thank you.
Please let me know if you are coming on Sept 17 to get bags. Sophie and Milly will be here and I will be teaching them how to make mats before I take them out to visit weaving groups. Come by for a coffee, meet the girls and get your bags. 
All the best and enjoy the rest of the summer,