Earth Month- Angela’s Message

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well. April, was Earth Month, so it was busy for me and for others who participate in teaching people about the milk bag project.
Last month, many people wrote to me about the number of mats they have either brought to Canadian Food for Children or taken to other places where they have found to send them. We jumped up from 1733 to 4520 mats. It is a big jump and in reality we really sent 479 this month. The other 2308 mats were the ones people wrote to me about that they have sent in the past year. They had forgotten to report how many mats they had contributed to the effort. From now on, I will  report 4520 mats plus what we make in the future months.
I know that sometimes we question if our efforts are of any benefit, but don’t be discouraged. This past weekend, I reached out to my friends in Nicaragua where I taught mat making in October 2017. I asked the lady I left in charge of the project to tell me if what we are doing is really worthwhile. ┬áI asked her about the mats and the pillows.. her answer, was lovely. She said, she knows how much we work here in Canada and that the project is amazing work. We all know that our mats are ALWAYS given away for free, but the Nicaraguan ladies make mats and try to sell them for a couple of dollars; this way they have a little income and can buy food for their families. She said that people are so poor they can’t always buy the mats, so she GIVES them away. The recipients don’t even have a bed to lie on and they appreciate so much what she gives them.
I have friends in Burkina Faso and a few years ago I sent them 6 mats. I found out that it is so hot in July and August that they take their mats that are usually in their house and sleep on them outdoors.
If you are like me, and sometimes get weary wondering if what you are doing is of any value, please know, I get that way too, but the testimonies of these people encourage me to continue on. I don’t know all the people who get mats through Canadian Food for Children, but if the recipients are as happy as the people I know who get them, then well done.. keep working and thank you.
Right now, I cannot have a “pick up your bags day”. However, I know places where there are bags and if you contact us , I will find a source for you. Most places that have them are schools, but their year is ending and I’m sure they will gladly share so the teachers can clean up their rooms for the summer.
Take care,