Countdown to 10,000 mats…

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well. It has been a busy month and things are getting going with people weaving mats as the cooler temperatures are upon us. New people have started weaving and I welcome you to our team and our monthly newsletters.
We have now sent 9499 mats in 2019. Thank you for all your work and let’s see if we can make the 10,000 mark by the end of the year.
There are many pallets of milk bags at both my home and at Canadian Food for Children in Mississauga. You are welcome to take boxes of bags from CFFC at any time and I am offering up Nov. 12th as a “pick up  your bags day” at my home. Please let me know if you are coming for boxes and an estimate of how many you would like. Each box contains 2400 bags and makes 4.5 of the 6 loop mats. If you cannot make it on Nov. 12, let me know and we will co-ordinate another time for you to get bags.
Mike Loudfoot, who lives in Newtonville and a long time deliverer of supplies to Canadian Food for Children, has a backlog of donations and is unable to accept more at this time. I will let you know when he has space and will be receiving donations again.
Thanks for all your work and let me know if you are coming for boxes of bags on November 12th. download