Challenging times…

Hi Everyone, 
Hope you are all well. I have been home for the past 20 days except for a grocery shopping adventure 2 days ago. However, I’m not bored one bit, busy making a mat a day, cleaning the house and now that the weather is nicer, out cleaning up the flower and garden beds. However, like everyone, I’m very sad about the Covid 19 virus and what it has done to the people who have been sick, dying and fearful. I also feel badly for the people who have lost jobs and for the businesses that are struggling to survive. 
I find by weaving and listening to the radio, the time passes with happiness. One day when this is over, I will have a van load of mats just from my own weaving. Everyday can be milk bag box pick up. Right now, I AM NOT giving out used milk bags to weavers, only the NEW, BUT seconds from my supply from the manufacturer. If you are bored and would like to pass the time cutting, tying and weaving the bags (or any part of the 3 steps) let me know and I will supply you with boxes of bags. I have about 60 boxes of bags in my garage and I’m willing to share. 
I have also received this important bulletin… read below. 

URGENT – Calling All SEWISTS!!!  Hospitals need cloth masks NOW
If you can sew – please REV up your machine and look through your pile of fabric!

******This is to have for use in LOWER RISK areas within the hospitals, preserve supply of standard masks and to protect healthcare workers as they are moving about in the hospital during shifts, but NOT for direct patient care (when proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will of course be worn). We need to be prepared so please help!

Follow these directions, courtesy of the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation in Toronto 

You can download simple instructions here. Please note that the twist ties noted in the instructions aren’t necessary.

We are promoting a simple 2-ply, pleated mask design. Along with standard sewing supplies (sewing machine, measuring tape, etc.), you will need:  dark-coloured polyester fabric for the outside of the mask (this could be substituted with 100% cotton if polyester is not available) / light-coloured 100% cotton for the part of the mask that goes against the skin / elastic.
Please use clean fabric to make your masks. We will also be sanitizing all donated masks at the hospitals

Sincerely , Eugenie Waters.

If you make masks,  contact us when you are ready to drop them off and I will send you her address. 

Stay healthy, stay safe!
Thanks Everyone, and all the best to you,