April review

Hi Everyone,
I am a little late with my monthly newsletter, as I feel like we are still in April, and I am trying to catch up with the busy Earth Month activities. All in all, I visited 9 schools, an accounting firm, and had a meetings for future milk bag project ideas. The mat total is growing and we are up to almost 1700 for this year. I am expecting the number to jump by a lot once I hear from the schools in the next month before they start the summer break.
Bag day was great and I always look forward to swapping out mats for bags or to meet new people who need pillow cases and milk bags so they can start their weaving. If any schools need more bags before the end of the year please let me know. I understand that some of you are having competitions with other schools as well as dedicated days of weaving to finish off your year. Summer camp programs, community centres, churches and probation offices usually need bags for their summer events, so I am having “pick up your bags” day throughout the summer. I am also only an email or phone call away, so if you need something, let me know.
This month’s pick up your bags day will be Friday, May 26
Let me know what you would like and I will supply your needs.
Looking forward to hearing from you,