Another year is almost over

Hi Everyone, 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout this year. Milk bag weaving has continued and many people have benefited by your contribution of time. 
Many social groups have had to leave their church and community activities due to limitations of gathering because of the Covid-19 virus. Some have become independent participants by working at home. Others have worked by cutting and tying bags and passing on the stringers to weavers. We also have students working to get their school volunteer hours. If you have children in need of hours, contact us and we will give you clean bags that are seconds from the manufacturer. The kids can work at home in a clean, safe environment prepping bags for weavers or weaving mats themselves. 
So far this year we have donated 5112 mats. I am very impressed with the number considering the limitations we have been under this past year. 
If you have friends who say they are bored, please tell them about this project;  we can certainly use their help and I have tons of bags that need to be processed. I will be having a pick up your bags day on Wednesday, December 9th in Kleinburg (Ontario).  Contact us if you need the address for the pick day. If you cannot make it on this day, let us know and  we will work out another time to meet. Please let us know if you are coming so that there will be enough boxes for everyone. 
We will be publishing one more newsletter before the end of December to let you know about a bag pick up day over the holidays and to give you our 2020 mat count. 
Housekeeping items: 
1. We need mats for the homeless in downtown Toronto… please bring  mats to Kleinburg (  as I’ve gotten a request for some as soon as I can possibly fill a car. 
2. We have someone in the Hamilton area who has 4 boxes of bags that they would like to donate. If you live out that way and would like boxes, let me know and I will give you the contact name of the person who has them. This would save driving time if you could get the bags there instead of coming to me. 
3. If you have moved on from this project to other types of volunteering and would like to be removed from my contact list, let me know. 
Below, I have a photo of Dr. Andrew Simone, the man who runs the Canadian Food for Children charity where most of our mats get shipped out to go overseas. He sent me this photo of a mom and her child in El Salvador. Dr. Simone often visits the missions he supports. He is holding one of the many hundreds of mats we have sent to El Salvador. The people are poor and everything we send, whether it be food, clothing, school and medical supplies or even milk bag mats are appreciated. 
Stay safe, and be well,