Angela’s news

Hi Everyone, 
I am hoping you are all well and keeping busy. 
The milk bag project has continued to proceed even through these tough times of family isolation. Many of us have missed appointments and family events, but hopefully you are all well and have done many things in your home to occupy your time. I’ve been able to make a mat a day and I know others of you have joined me in this endeavour. Some of you may wonder what is happening to the mats that are being made now that Canadian Food for Children is closed for awhile. 
A couple of weeks ago I was approached by someone in Ajax who is involved in 3 men’s shelters, a social worker in Mississauga and a community outreach program called Helping Hands Hamilton. All three places have taken car loads of mats from us for the people they serve. Some of the recipients of the mats are homeless while others live in apartments and don’t have a bed. Many people sleep on the floor and so mats are always appreciated. 
Talk about perfect timing.. while I have been writing this newsletter, someone from one of the shelters just called me and wants to come here on Friday (May 1) to pick up as many mats as I have. Right now, I have about 50 in my garage and if any of  you have some and want to deliver them to me by Friday at 11 AM I will see that they go with the man who is coming here.
If you bring mats, please have them rolled and tied (like a candy) so we can fit as many into his van as we can hold. Please no clothing, only mats. 
Also, if you need more milk bags, let me know and instead of a pick up your bags day, just email me and we will arrange a mutually convenient time for us to meet. I’m pretty much always home. 
Sending you best wishes and many blessings,