Angela’s May Report

Hi Everyone,
I am sending our newsletter a few days early as there are things I want to share with you.
Our mat making production continues to grow and we are now at 5305 mats for the year 2019; thank you for all your work.
The following is a touching message from Stewart who is a frame builder, and who drives mats to the warehouse for some of the schools in York Region.
“The fellow that helped me unload at the Canadian Food for Children depot asked me to pass this along to you. He was in Liberia and a woman was proudly showing him her home – dirt floors and all. The only thing in the house was one of the milk bag mats and she was extremely proud of it”.
When I read the above, it touched my heart. I am not ashamed of all we have here in Canada, but feel blessed. However, this woman only owned a mat and she was grateful for the people who made it possible for her to have this. These are the stories that make this work worthwhile.
I have LOTS of bags in my garage but there are many places where you can pick up bags that may be more convenient for you; here is a list.
Lorraine in Cornwall.. her email address is: phone number is: 613-363-4277
Kelly in Mississauga, she will deliver if you live in the Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville area…
Lena in Guelph/Waterloo/Elmira..
Christine in Guelph has 100 bags…
MY HOUSE: pick up your bags day at my place will be on.. Wednesday, June 12, please let me know if you are coming.
There are many boxes of bags at Canadian Food for Children .. please only go there from Monday to Friday 8 AM until noon.
Please contact any of these ladies if you need bags. Remember, I will be home for bag pick up on June 12.. but let me know if you are coming so I know how many people will be showing up at my home. If you need my address, just respond to this email and I will give it to you.
Happy June, and hope  your gardens grow well,