A New Year has started…

Hi Everyone,
Happy New Year and all good things for 2017!!
I am going to try and write an update every month with the latest news. Things are going well and we are off to a good start for the year. As of today (Jan. 30) we have sent 381 mats to Canadmaxresdefaultian Food for Children and for the homeless in Toronto.
My latest story for you is about a man that was doing some work aimaget our home a couple of weeks ago. His name is Terry and  just happened to be here on “Pick up your bags day.” People were coming to my door to get their boxes of bags and after awhile Terry asked me if I was a distributor of something.. I laughed and said well, kind of. So he asked what I was peddling.. I told him about our project. His mouth dropped open and he told me 2 things.. this was likely his last job as he was leaving for Ethiopia to work in refugee camps. He was overwhelmed when he saw our mats and said, someway someday, we have to get this to Ethiopia. I was stunned!! I truly don’t believe in coincidences, so I was thrilled to think he was at our home on the right day to find out about the mats. The next thing he told me is that he works for the Yonge Street Mission. I didn’t get it quite straight, but he is doing something with the mission at the beginning of February. He took 6 large adult mats when he left that day and said he was going to send someone with a large van for more mats for the mission. Amazing isn’t it? Sometimes all it takes is for us to speak up about what we are doing.
Our January bag day was a great success as I gave over 65 boxes of milk bags to weavers. The next “pick up your bags day” will be on Saturday, February 25th. I’ve never had a bag day on a Saturday, but I thought I would so it will be easier for people who work on weekdays. People drop by all the time for milk bags, and I always have 20 or so boxes in my garage, but I need to know what you would like for the 25th .. send me your requests of number of boxes and I will pick up more supplies from my storage and make sure to have what you need for that day. If  you don’t know my address, just write to me and I will give it to you personally.
Thanks for all your hard work, and enjoy the sunny day,