Hi Everyone, (part of a letter Angela wrote to her friends and Canadian volunteers)

“After all this, on May 18th, we will have a party with the children who go to Ricot’s school to celebrate “Flag Day”. Flag Day is like our July 1 and it should be a good time. I have collected enough money to feed the children who go to the school 3 times while we are there; this is wonderful, because these kids do not always eat everyday.”

For those of you who do not know, Angela and some volunteers are going to Haiti next week. Angela will be staying with her friend Ricot and his family, sleeping on milk bag mats in the office of the school which Ricot operates. She will be with ladies working with the milk bags, Her husband John and 2 of her sons will be in the dental clinic helping people who need dental work, and 3 friends from her church will be helping to build a washroom at the school. As well, they will take 24 hours to fly up to the north of Haiti to visit missionaries her church supports. She will be starting the milk bag project with ladies in the northern community as well.