Hi Everyone, 
How are you? It is amazing how fast each month goes by. 
Some exciting news for us, but not for some.. I know the news is Covid, Covid, Covid, but did you hear that a couple of weeks ago a volcano erupted on the island of St. Vincent? This tragedy left many homeless and has impacted the quality of life for many people. The rooves of many homes have crashed in with the weight of the ash fall and many people have had breathing problems. Thousands of people were left homeless and many are sleeping in shelters and on school floors.
That’s were Milk Bags Unlimited came to a little rescue.. however, small in comparison to what the people need. I was contacted by 2 ladies who are on our team who are originally from St. Vincent. Both women asked me if and how we could help. I put the word out on Facebook and in a matter of 7 days we gathered together 190 mats. Last Sunday, 3 large vans arrived and we stuffed all the mats into them. The volunteers were taking the mats to a container in Scarborough where they would be loaded up with the food, water, and other supplies. The container was driven to Florida on Monday, then put on a ship to be taken to St. Vincent. The people who came here to pick up mats said there will be another container going soon and if we have more mats for me to contact them.
It is amazing to me to see how our mats are so desired and helpful. If there is transport, we can help. 
I have been asked if we can add a sheet, towel, tablecloth or large piece of fabric when we roll and tie up our mats. It is always nice to include one of these items as they become a blanket for the person who gets the mat. Years ago, I cleaned out my linen closet and added all the towels, sheets and blankets that I felt I could donate. 
So far this year we have donated 2308 mats. They have gone overseas with Canadian Food for Children, to the homeless, and to St. Vincent. Our next pick up your bags day will be on Wednesday, May 12th.  You are welcome to come and get your supplies. If you have mats, bring them. Due to social distancing, I can either help you load your vehicle with my mask on, or I can leave boxes outside my garage for you to take on your own. Please email me to let me know if you are coming so I can make sure to have enough boxes for everyone. 
One other thing.. there is a lady in Newmarket who has a few 3 loop frames. She is willing to sell them for $20 each, which was her cost for building them. If you would like her email address and/or phone number let me know and I will give you her information. 
Stay well and hopefully the weather changes soon so we can get out and garden.