5 years ago the earthquake hit Haiti and MILKBAGSunlimited was born…

It started with sending mats to Haiti for people to sleep on, went on to teach some of them on how to use our Canadian milk bags to make the mats and other serviceable items to make money . The micro entrepreneurship movement has expanded into Brazil,  mats  are now sent all over the world and  MILKBAGSunlimited keeps growing with more and more individual volunteers, more schools and an increasing number of community groups involved in saving the landfills from discarded  milk bags by weaving sleeping mats and crocheting handbags.

We have taken the liberty to share the “Labor of Love and  Compassion” video from Nancy Stover and her group of volunteers with you.

Contact us: info@milkbagsunlimited.ca  to join our initiatives  and make a difference in the life of many needy people.