2019 …great start….

Message from Angela, 
Hi Everyone,  Happy New Year!!

We are off to a great start for 2019; so far we have sent over 300 mats to Canadian Food for Children. 

I want to have a pick up your bags day. I am offering 2 days for pick up, after 4 PM on Saturday, January 19th and all day on Monday, Jan 21. 
Please let me know if  you want bags, how many boxes and when  you intend on coming to my home for pick up. 
For those of you who don’t know, my address is: 
344 Westridge Drive, 
8 minutes west of Canada”s Wonderland north of  the intersection  of Major MacKenzie and Islington. 
Hope to see you you, 

Message from Bettina

Happy New Year too…

I would like to thank thank all the people who take the time to contact us.  The information e mail is keeping me busy every day!  We are looking for new contacts from you, especially from  all over Ontario.  We have people inquiring about milk bag drop off places, others would like to join weavon groups.

York region 2014-05-07_09-27-03_532

Anyone crochet?  We are in dire need of  crocheted  Handbags , their sale helps us cover a little bit od our expenses.

I am also looking for people willing to sew grocery bags out of curtain material. for more information about the cloth bags  usage  go to our new Facebook MILKBAGSunlimited Page.

Thank you all in advance.