2015… a great start

milk bag DR and Wilber0001

Angela is tirelessly on the go, promoting, teaching, picking up, delivering: the  first month of the year is not over but 153 milk bag mats  have already been delivered to the Canadian Food for Children warehouse.

Weave…weave… so many from young to matures dedicated volunteers are speed-weaving soft and comfortable mattresses that are much easier to make than with the previously used crochet  system. We are truly grateful for their participation.

Dufferin- Peel just started a new milk bag drive, check out Renata’s video!

Our entrepreneur groups  in Haiti are running out of milk bags: the challenge is to get the money to send some more: the next cargo shipment will cost about $3,000.00. Do you have a fund raising idea for us?

More exciting news: Created in 2008, Permaculture GTA currently operates in Toronto, South-Carolina, Nigeria and Jamaica, we have been invited us to participate at a conference on February 21 &22. We will be there!

Winter is a great time to start and keep on weaving! If you don’t know how, just check the” How to” page..